"for each woman it will be unique.  that is the beauty -- 

  each woman can make it her own,  

  knowing that the eight pieces coordinate, makes style effortless. 

  i wanted to create a comfortable yet modern uniform

  that was my inspiration -- and this journal,  this is

  my twenty-five day experience of the une forme collection."  

   - founder | creator, jennifer wagner 


1 camisole + wide leg pant + sash (double knot): 


my first day with the collection!  so difficult to choose what to wear first... i was meeting up with a colleague for working lunch, and this coord makes a statement and wins compliments.  upon returning to the office, don’t tell, but removed the belt and got to my emails…

2  slipdress (alone):  


throwing on the slipdress early in the day with a pair of sandals.  easy, one piece, instant elegance.  design meetings and fabric sourcing, cool and sophisticated throughout, back to meet my guy for dinner — hair went up, heels on!  


3  column dress (boat neck):  


travel day to the desert, the movement in the dress made it easy to pack the car and comfortable for the drive.  upon arrival the look was relaxed and chic, took me from travel to dinner, just added some bangles and heels.  

4  wrap skirt + camisole + sash (double knot):  


a day of festive brunch with family, and with just a spray of the mister, cami was ready to go again.  was complimented on my “dress”!  the coordinating pieces make it easy to fool the crowd!    

5  cropped top (v neck) + wide leg pant

headed home and to the farmers market, so the pants and top were easy comfortable and airy -- it paired perfectly with my straw bag and wide-brimmed hat.  casual and chic, and did I mention I love these pants!  deep pockets for easy access to cash for the vendors too!

6  slipdress + sash (double loop knot):


showroom shopping with client showroom visits and client meeting… I decided on this look and paired it with heels — simple and elegant, yet easy to drive in.  then, to meet my guy for dinner out! 

7  column dress (boat neck) + wide leg pant

chilly morning, so layers for today.  the tunic and pants were a perfect combo to head into the office for web work and budgets.  out to lunch with a dear friend — she loves the lengthy look of the two pieces!  asks where I had bought it!  home early to a fussy little guy who's not feeling so great.  as comfortable to lay down with him as to wear all day.  

8  cropped top (v neck) + wrap skirt:

casual work day, so a skirt + top, mixed with some sneakers was perfect.  I felt very tom boy and comfortable.  Ran out to pick up drawings and drop off some samples.  then later kicked off the sneaks and into a pair of sandals for an evening stroll.

9  camisole + wide leg pant + cape:  


added the cape for the cooler morning temperature, but combination made the look simple, effortless and, of course, comfortable.  the cape gave me a layer that got me past the dew!   the movement in the pieces made running around after my little guy a breeze, keeping me cool at the same time.  added the cape again in the evening.

10  slipdress and cape


back to work for the morning, and the slip dress is a so easy to throw on!  instant simple elegance, the cape for extra coverage for daytime.  after work, onto errands, and finally home to launder for the family.  

11  column dress (v neck)


packed up early to head north to the coast for some beach and wine tasting, love traveling in this dress,  just reversed it with the v-neck in front to change it up — added sandals and bangles.  upon arrival, hung up the pieces, and sprayed out any wrinkles — ready to go!  

12  camisole + wrap skirt


warmer day and headed to the gorgeous hills of paso robles, so the skirt and cami were the perfect combo to be in and out of the car, stopping at local wineries, perhaps getting a bit tipsy!   i just love its femininity, playfulness, and elegance.  

13  cropped top (boatneck) and wide leg pant:


out to the coast for seafood and a walk on the beach with my guy and little… a little chilly so threw on the cape for an extra layer.

14  camisole + wide leg pant


traveling back, and a chill in the air, so i wore the pants again  with the cami, but no belt.  super comfortable for the long drive home, unpacking and dinner prep! however, pajamas were calling to me early evening!  shhhhh....

15  column dress (boat neck) + sash (single loop): 


home again and off to go to the market and other errands — simple and casual, yet elegant.  once home, removed the belt and finished chores — comfort wins!  evening laundry, short wash and hang to dry!  

16  cropped top (v neck) + wide leg pant + cape

feeling a little under the weather, so this combo was comforting and the cape is so soft -- it's like wearing a blanket.  in the office all day tweaking drawing and schedules and some take-out pho for dinner, warmed the soul.

17  column dress (boat neck) + wide leg pant + sash (double loop + knot)

this combination is very powerful, it has such a cultural feel to it, and it works so well together.  there are so many small details in this collection.  I love that the belt is two sided, with both hues -- and the length really allows it to do so many things.  it really changes the pieces once it's on.  nonetheless, this with flats and hoops -- office day today, but should have worn it for a meeting!  

18  slipdress + cropped top (boatneck)

presentations today, so I wanted to a look that was professional.  I just love how the slipdress paired with the cropped top turns into a pencil skirt.  the slightly cropped top reveals curves, but so subtly and elegantly.  hair was up, heels, and large studded earrings, gave me that jackie o feel -- and also that confidence to put on the show.  



19  column dress (v neck) + sash (single loop)

long day yesterday, so this was easy and comfortable to toss on.  I cinched the waist and put on some flats -- off and running.  the length of this dress is perfect, and i just love how the bottom although narrow gives it that column look, but the slits give it flexibility.  

20  wide leg pant + cape + sash (hook + knot):


client in-home meeting today, so I chose a combination that is sophisticated but flexible.  so easy to measure, pull samples, and look stylish doing so.  

21  cropped top (boat neck) + wrap skirt

ready to kick off the weekend!  I love the boatneck side of this top, it is so classic, and then v in the back makes it just slightly sexy.  the skirt is also flirty with the slit, but it also has pockets.  with simple sandals, the skirt is elegant yet casual.  I ran for errands and samples, grabbed a salad, made it home to walk the pup, and then headed to meet the girls for drinks.  


22  slipdress + cape + belt (hook and knot)

birthday brunch, so the ever-so-elegant slipdress (it's the bias cut that makes it seem like it was made just for you!) was perfect with the sheer cape, and the sash cinched the waist, heels, earrings, and clutch.  it's relaxed but refined.  once the champagne bubbled and the sun drew higher, the cape came off, and I re-knotted the sash in the ladies room.   

23  column dress (v neck) + wide leg pant

I love this combo, but this time, reversed the top, and am accessorizing with heels and drop earrings.  Had meetings and lunch... and compliments!  plus so much comfort.  



24  slipdress + cropped top (v neck)

this top amazes me how it takes on an entirely different look as soon as you turn it around.  the v neck in front makes it so casual -- it falls from the shoulder, and worn with the slipdress reveals the strap, so its casual and sexy, not the professional look like when turned around.  back to back meetings with a business lunch after, still elegant, but more relaxed.  

25  column dress (v neck) + wide leg pant + sash (single loop)


this was one of those combinations that I wasn't sure of, but then when I put it together with the sash reversed and simply single looped, it made me feel longer and the sash added complexity.  back to the office, client meetings and emails awaiting.  returning home, removed the sash, prepped for evening dinner at home. 

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