we are inspired by culture

and landscapes...

from the sonoran deserts

to the beaches of tel aviv,

coastal mediterranean

to the streets of barcelona,

from mexico's yucatan

to the harbours of sydney,

our pieces represent

architectural forms and the elements of nature


we are inspired by culture and landscapes 

from the california deserts to the grecian islands,

the amalfi coast to the streets of barcelona,

and from central mexico to the beaches of eleuthera —

our pieces represent architectural forms

and the elements of nature.


we bring those experiences home, and our collection of timeless silhouettes embrace

daily moments,

slow living,

moments with our children, 

our loved ones...

at tea parties,

dinner parties,

pool days,

cocktails, and

backyard movie nights


we design to enhance the way women live.

une forme is french for one shape,

and the collection is one shape that

can be styled chic or bohemian, 

and its simplicity allows the pieces to

coordinate seamlessly with one another

and with your own style. 

the combinations are endless, and

from each capsule at least

twenty five looks can be created 

we believe in sustainability. the pieces are made from linen,

one of the earth’s most sustainable fabrics

that also has been shown to stimulate blood flow

and promote relaxation. 

they are also made

locally in los angeles


we are women and

women inspire us. 

une forme gives them

simplicity and longevity

in day to day fashion,

so they can not only

feel good in,

but also about,

what they are wearing 


clothing and apparel