we are inspired by culture and nature. from the desert to the beach, villages to city centers, our collection is influenced by travel and culture, our pieces by classic silhouettes, and our palette by nature. we bring those experiences home with pieces for everyday living.  

we are women designing for you. une forme is french for one shape, your shape. our pieces embody simplicity, longevity, comfort, and elegance.  they can be styled chic or bohemian, and are designed to coordinate seamlessly with one another and with your own style.  the combinations are endless, making style effortless.   

we take sustainability seriously. our pieces are made from linen, one of the earth’s most sustainable fabrics. our productions are made locally and ethically, in short runs to reduce waste. our reNEW design program turns previous seasons into this season, also reducing waste. our partnership with Greenlist provides a more sustainable approach to returns. 

we are a community. we collaborate with makers to provide you one of a kind pieces, and feature their story in our monthly newsletters. we travel with you, and we encourage you to tell us your story.  together we can make the world a closer, better place.