Two years ago, I celebrated my first Mother’s Day, and it was around this time that I had begun to envision the making of a capsule collection. After having my son the previous November and living in yoga pants since, the summer months were almost upon me, and all I wanted was a wardrobe that felt good, looked good, and had pieces that easily went together — for all occasions, and could go from work to play, evenings out or in, and for a weekend getaway.


I began by defining a group of pieces that were flexible and made me feel good. Then, with the time I had between working as an interior designer, being a mother and wife, and the money I had my current business, I invested into the development of what seemed to be a dream. However, within a matter of months — with the help of a talented seamstress and pattern maker, the une forme collection was born.


It’s been almost a year now since I launched the capsule, and it’s my second baby — there are times I think I’ve failed and others that are completely rewarding. Regardless, we keep on.


On this Mother’s Day, not only do I want to thank my mother for raising me to be a strong, independent, forward thinking woman, but I want to send love to all the women out there who may or may not have have children, but who are working hard to develop their career, business, craft, whatever it may be — because without our dreamers and go-getters where would we be?

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