SAVOIR VIVRE: holiday at NEUENDORF house

set amongst thirty acres almond groves, in Mallorca, Spain, the NEUENDORF home, designed by John Pawson and Claudio Silvestrin and completed in 1991, combines modern lines with the natural hues of the clay soil.

"the design explores ways of achieving

a quality of proportion in outside space more usually associated with interiors."

– John Pawson Architects

the striking thirty meter pool stretches outward toward the gardens, and is complemented with a su bathing terrace and as well as dining patio.

the interior spaces are minimally designed, focusing on the pure architecture of the space. with 5 bedrooms that can accommodate up to 11 guests, the home, built for German art dealers, can now be rented throughout the year.

for booking, contact the Neuendorf House, or direct through Boutique Homes.

all photos courtesy of Neuendorf house, Stylepark, and Archeyes.