SAVOIR VIVRE: trees of OLIVES + olive SEAS

welcome to PUGLIA, a region forming the heel of Italy's boot and bordering both the adriatic and ionian seas. we travel just outside of Ostuni, famous for it's white-washed buildings, where perched on the hill overlooking the sea, we find MASSERIA MOROSETA

the elegant white stone farmhouse is designed with a central courtyard, surrounded by six rooms with ensuite baths and private outdoor terraces or gardens.

a common gathering space and spacious pool complete the convivial vibe for dining and relaxing

daily meals are also prepared on site, which feature produce varying by season from both their own olive trees, vegetable gardens, orchards, and small henhouse, as well as local organic suppliers. each meal is prepared with creativity and research, and for this reason, there is no menu, but instead a gastronomic journey led by chef Giorgia

designed by Studio Andrew Trotter, the rustic modernist space was built with locally sourced materials, solar power, and energy-saving insulation to create an eco-friendly environment that complements the natural elements of the Italian landscape


for a more private retreat, the Masseria Moroseta Villas offer similar architectural elements as well as the relaxed atmosphere, and they too are scattered outside of Ostuni.

now we explore VILLA CARDO -- a video by Ricard Lopez, capturing the essence of the escapes

with barrel vaulted ceilings throughout,

the villa, which also is designed by

Studio Andrew Trotter, features

four bedrooms with ensuite baths,

a turkish bath, cinema room and pool


and finally, I share with you the estate, TENUTO MASSERIOLA, featuring one of the oldest building styles in Puglia -- the Trullo, a dry stone building with conical roof, shown below.

the estate, arranged with two buildings, featuring four bedrooms and baths, a full kitchen and living space, and an infinity pool overlooking almost 20 acres of olive trees.

for a true Italian experience, each Masseria Moroseta Villa offers special services such as BREAKFAST BASKETS or IN-HOUSE CHEFS for mediterranean meals throughout your stay

YOGA classes and private MASSAGES are also available to complete your experience, as you bask in the sunlit Italian landscape, overlooking the olive groves at MASSERIA MOROSETA.

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photos courtesy of Masseria Moroseta, Studio Andrew Trotter, + Salva Lopez